Sunday, August 23, 2009

Weekly Inspiration

Every Monday I am going to post something that has really inspired me. While I really hope these posts inspire anyone who might be reading, it's also to help me remember to look. There is inspiration all around me and for some reason I see it mostly on days when I have no responsibilities, days when I've slept in and feel relaxed, days when I am out in the world with no particular time line. But I can't wait for these days to feel inspired. Days with nothing to think about are few and far between. I must remember be open to all that is extraordinary whether I am balancing a million things or whether I have the pleasure of simply just being. What's crazy is, despite being friends with a large artist community, having oodles of art magazine subscriptions, being married to an artist and being an artist myself, I often forget to look at art. Every time I do I always think to myself, "oh yeah...I feel so inspired...I need to remember to look at more art!" So I am building in this weekly responsibility so that I am never off the hook.

It's important to feel inspired.
It's important to look...and to see...

Sometimes inspiration feels like wanting to get to a piece of paper as fast as possible so I can start drawing.

Sometimes inspiration feels like realizing I had been stuck in a certain point of view.

Sometimes inspiration feels like being humbled in the presence of greatness.

Sometimes inspiration feels like a confirmation.

Whatever type of inspiration I feel, I will be sure to embrace it, feel grateful for the feeling, and post about it every week.

This weeks inspiration:

Santi Moix
His art on the cover of Art On Paper Vol. 13 No. 4 served as an important confirmation...which I really needed while putting together my current show.


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