Friday, November 13, 2009

East Austin Studio Tours

I'm out of town on business so I apologize for missing this weeks dose of inspiration. But once I get to see all the art up for the East Austin Studio Tours, I know I will be overflowing with it! Check it out, it's one of the coolest events Austin has all year. And it's 2 whole weekends this year:
November 14th & 15th
November 21st & 22nd

Here is where I will be.
Come drink a beer and see some art.
Please contact me if you would like a catalog and map for the entire event.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Weekly Inspiration: 100 Girls & 100 Octopuses

I have been following the work of Zach Smith for some time now. He popped into my mind today because I admire his dedication when it comes to producing work. He draws ever single day without fail and has the balls to post his drawings online every single day. Some drawings are more refined than others, but because of his persistence, he has created entire worlds with remarkable moments. He has stumbled upon some marks that only a consistent drawer could. When there are days when picking up a pen seems so hard...and today is one of those days...I have to remind myself of Zach Smith, somewhere he is drawing.

Check out all 100 of his girls and octopi and be sure to click on all the individual images. Enjoy!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Opal-Black Jewelry at Downstairs Apparel

It's official: My jewelry is on sale at Downstairs Apparel:
2110 S Lamar Blvd Ste E
Austin, TX 78704
Check it out!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Weekly Inspiration: The Making of a Mural

mt pleasant mural from wilson kemp on Vimeo.

This video simply gets me fired up.
It speaks to my love of drawing.
It taps into my love of bringing something to life through mark-making.
And I'm especially impressed with the fact that there are no pencil lines to begin with. He makes those unbelievably precise lines on his first try.
Love this!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A few weeks of an inspiration what next?

It has been a while since I've posted and I certainly owe a few weeks worth of inspirations. I can't believe I still haven't posted about my first solo art opening. I had so much arty adrenaline preparing for my show that I think I've just been needing to deflate and recenter for the next body of work to emerge. And that body of work needs to emerge NOW because I have so many upcoming events I'm participating in:
East Austin Studio Tours
Blue Genie Art Bazaar
Handmade Austin Women name a few
It's an odd start a new body of work. I go to the paper and the blank sheet all the sudden feels intimidating...not as inviting as it once seemed. I dabble in something new...I dabble in repeating what has worked in the past...and wait for them to merge...waiting for the new language to reveal itself. Is it possible that I am not making a new body of work at all? Could it be that I am letting the circumstance of a show date and framing signify an end that is only imagined? What if I happened to frame and hang some work in the middle of the body? If I believe that, does the blank page soften for me? Does it no longer intimidate me?

I don't quite know what my next drawings look like. Only pieces.

So, I have been going inward...looking around for what plans on coming out. And then, of what reveals itself, what will grow and what will be eliminated?

I recently went to see Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Eat, Pray, Love, speak at the Paramount Theater with a dear friend of mine. She wrote one of the most successful books of all time and spoke about what it felt like to know that while trying to write the next book. She was nothing short of genius, articulate, and down right funny. And most importantly, she validated so many feelings for me. Now, my solo show was no masterpiece like Eat, Pray, Love...but usually when I complete something artistic that I am proud of...there are lots of awkward feelings of fear and...blankness perhaps...that are very specific to creation.

I share with you Elizabeth Gilbert as my 3 weeks of lost weekly inspiration. Whether or not you create art, this is worth watching. While she speaks about her experience of being a writer, ultimately this is about life and I think what she says is beautiful.

When you have 20 minutes, please watch this. It has truly been an inspiration.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Weekly Inspiration: Mr. Phillips' House

Dan Phillips, founder of The Phoenix Commotion builds low income homes from salvagad items. They are beautifully crafted and these pictures have my brain tickin & of course I want to re-do everything in my house. Check out a few of my favorites:Check out all photos here.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Weekly Inspiration: Brendan Monroe

This artist inspires me to get into my studio.
Like, immediately.
I'm in love with this work.
Picking out the images to feature on this post was next to impossible.
I haven't seen anything of his that didn't make me feel something.
To my studio I go!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Weekly Inspiration: The small moments of strangers

Whoever wrote this in the Book People bathroom, I love you for writing this. Your note made my day and helped me drop some unnecessary stress I was feeling. Thank you for the love.
And whoever did this around 41st and Guadalupe, I've had a lot of fun imagining the possible stories behind this situation. I needed a funny thing to think about for no good reason. Thank you for the laugh.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

My First Solo Show!

Come join me at Austin Art Garage:
2200 S. Lamar Blv. (behind Strut)
Thurs, Sept. 10th

There will be drinks, a band, and tons of my drawings!

Monday, August 31, 2009

Weekly Inspiration: The Lovely Package Exchange

*Forgive the delay: I tried to post this yesterday and I accidentally lost it right before I pressed post. Attempt #2:

Many of you may know that I very much enjoy putting together packages and wrapping gifts. I often find the process of putting together the package more enjoyable than the content itself. My father, also being an artist, taught me about what it really means to give a gift. It never has to do with the amount of money the gift cost (as it is often the free stuff that has the most meaning) but it's the love you put into it that lasts for the recipient. From the idea behind what you plan on adding to this person's life all the way to how you present it, I was blessed to grow up learning about how to make a gift really mean to make the physical package ripple love into someones life. And part of that has to do with paying attention to every. single. detail. Of course this kind of execution isn't always possible or necessary. Sometimes there is great power when there being no presentation at all. Simple gestures sometimes need to remain simple to be the most meaningful. That being said, I just love to get obsessive about presentation that it came as no surprise when a very good friend pointed out that I should join the Lovely Package Exchange.

I was assigned to 3 strangers in the US who also appreciate packages, art, details, craft, mail, and finding beauty in world. We don't know much about our package partners other than a brief description of their likes and links to their blogs and websites. So over the past month or so I have been collecting little here and theres, making little objects, collecting string and tags...all to culminate in 3 lovely packages that will make there way into the homes of these 3 strangers and hopefully give them a good dose of loveliness.

One problem I've been facing is that I've been working very long hours at my job and when I come home I'm exhausted. I spend the day with so much creative output that by the time I get home I'm at a creative deficit. So, I keep looking at all my gatherings for the packages and I can't seem to see how it all fits together. I've been too tired to hear the little objects whispering to me about how they wanted to be wrapped. Oh no! There is nothing that gets my sparks flying like putting together a bunch a little things into a package delight. Where can I find the fire to put this all together?

And then I got my first package:
Meet the lovely and amazing Natalia from Denver, Colorado.

When I came home from a very long day her package was sitting there smiling at me. As I opened up this package and explored each detail one by one, I felt the fire light up inside me. Not only was I a kid on Christmas because getting stuff is always fun, but it was the thought and the heart infused into every detail that made me feel so good. By the end of the my journey with the big reveal, my creative battery was re-charged and I was ready to go. My little objects were speaking to me loud and clear and I knew just how they wanted to be arranged. I will post pics of the package I put together...but not until Natalia receives it!
And that lovely flower bow you see below:Is actually a gorgeous handmade head-band.Many of you also know that I love tiny versions of things (and I love to MAKE tiny versions of things too!) which was one of the details I included about myself on my list of likes. Well Natalia must have taken note of that because she sent me the cutest ever waffle making set.Seriously though, take in how small. The syrup is my favorite. LOVE IT!But what really stole my heart and filled me with such appreciation is the scene she hand crafted on top of the box that held this tiny waffle maker. I really felt the love shared between this couple when a stranger took the time to make something like this for me. Beautiful.I also got an awesome journal (which is now a staple in my purse) which was wrapped by a drawing of buildings with handmade vines and flowers growing all over them...such great detail.And some paper balls hat revealed goodies and candy at the pull of their string.AND SO MUCH MORE!!! I could go on and on.

But what I really was left with was an awakened excitement and a reminder of why I love packages in the first place. Someone took the time to infuse these objects with good vibes and they traveled all the way into my home so I could enjoy those good vibes. Thank You Natalia for the amazing thoughtfulness and care you put into this package. Thank You for sending some good old fashioned love into my home. And Thank You for re-charging my depleted creative juices. I'm inspired.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Brief Mention in Apartment Therapy Blog

I'm gearing up for my solo show (opening Sept. 10th at Austin Art Garage pictured above...I'll post details soon) and someone pointed out to me I have a brief mention in the Los Angeles section of the Apartment Therapy Blog. The picture doesn't look as "crisp" as I would hope but I'm thrilled at the nod!

Click here to see it!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Weekly Inspiration

Every Monday I am going to post something that has really inspired me. While I really hope these posts inspire anyone who might be reading, it's also to help me remember to look. There is inspiration all around me and for some reason I see it mostly on days when I have no responsibilities, days when I've slept in and feel relaxed, days when I am out in the world with no particular time line. But I can't wait for these days to feel inspired. Days with nothing to think about are few and far between. I must remember be open to all that is extraordinary whether I am balancing a million things or whether I have the pleasure of simply just being. What's crazy is, despite being friends with a large artist community, having oodles of art magazine subscriptions, being married to an artist and being an artist myself, I often forget to look at art. Every time I do I always think to myself, "oh yeah...I feel so inspired...I need to remember to look at more art!" So I am building in this weekly responsibility so that I am never off the hook.

It's important to feel inspired.
It's important to look...and to see...

Sometimes inspiration feels like wanting to get to a piece of paper as fast as possible so I can start drawing.

Sometimes inspiration feels like realizing I had been stuck in a certain point of view.

Sometimes inspiration feels like being humbled in the presence of greatness.

Sometimes inspiration feels like a confirmation.

Whatever type of inspiration I feel, I will be sure to embrace it, feel grateful for the feeling, and post about it every week.

This weeks inspiration:

Santi Moix
His art on the cover of Art On Paper Vol. 13 No. 4 served as an important confirmation...which I really needed while putting together my current show.


Friday, August 21, 2009

A Long Time Coming

Welcome to my blog that will be dedicated to what I make, art I love, thoughts on creating, and more. I have been meaning to create a blog that will allow for more specific posts on my creative process and all that inspires that process. I hope to navigate around this blogophere into the hearts and minds of other creative beings who like to make and inspire. Welcome and stay tuned!